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Archdiocese of San Antonio

Welcome to St Mark CYO

For the 2019-2020 season the registration fees are listed below:

Boys & Girls Basketball Registration fee- includes reversible jersey and shorts - $120. Registration will be open from October 6, 2019 through November 3, 2019. Click here for details.

The basketball season will begin play on Dec 6, 2019 and ends on Feb 9, 2020. The playoffs will begin Feb 11, 2020. Practices will start in early to middle of November 2019. Coaches will contact you.

Please click on the link to see Age Division Chart to see what division your child will play in. The registration system will also automatically put you in the right division once you enter in the child's date of birth.

**Returning Players** St. Mark has a NEW Returning player policy. St. Mark CYO winter registration begins on October 6, 2019 for all registrants. If you are a returning player and want to be on the same team as last season, you have the first two weeks of registration to secure your spot on the same team you played for the prior year. The two week returning player sign up will end on Sunday October 20th. Don't hesitate and be late. Sign up in your two week time frame.

**Game Day Entrance Fees** For all games at all locations, there is an entrance fee of:

  • Adults (ages 18+) = $2
  • Seniors = $1
  • Children (ages 17 and under) = $1

To register you will click on the sports pilot link below:
Login to your existing account or create a new account if you are new to St. Mark CYO sports. Sign up your player. **please make sure you add a jersey number or any other info. (i.e. requested coach) into the notes section.

Sports Pilot Link to Register: https://isis.sportspilot.com/register/family/default.asp?asoid=106361

For general information or questions (including registration info), please contact: